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CONTENT COLLAB-Post ideas group

If you aren't sure what to post or how to post, no worries! We have a "post ideas" group filled with ideas for you to use as inspiration (no copy and pasting please, tweak them to make them your own). Use the search feature and search the group for #opportunity to see some business opportunity posts or #testimony to see how to share a testimony without making medical claims. 

Curiosity Marketing is the best way to peak interest in your business and products. People don't like to be "sold" to on social media. Here are some good tips to follow when sharing on Facebook/Instagram etc..

*NEVER post your website address on your posts "click here to order" posts FEEL salesy and dont usually work very well

*When people comment and ask questions or say they want more info, reply to their comment (this bumps your post in the algorithm) that you will send them a message! Then open up a private conversation in messenger..this does two things..1. It doesn't show the answer to everyone else on facebook so if they want info they have to ask for it too and 2. It allows you to open up a private conversation and really get to connect and build a relationship with your customers and find out what issues you can help people with. Our goal here is to elevate peoples lives with our products and get them talking about what would bring them happiness in life!

*SHARE don't sell. Share your story, other brand partner and customer stories (always crop their personal info out though). You want to relate to your audience. Share the benefits of the benefits. What's the benefit of having more energy? Less inflammation? Appetite control? Better mood? Balanced microbiome? A couple hundred extra dollars?

*Do Facebook how you make your coffee or shake and how simple it is, share new recipes you are trying out (frozed/iced, smoothies etc), talk about your journey so far, talk about the opportunity.. 

*Use hashtags and polls and the facebook "story" features. Use FB reels, this is a great way to get exposure to a massive amount of people and get new followers who will then see your posts and stories. Facebook loves it when you use their features and this boosts you in the algorithm.


*Be authentic, and be yourself.

*MOST every day. Although it may seem repetitive, most people on your friends lists don't see your posts daily in their feed. Studies show it takes a person an average of 8-12 times of seeing something before it clicks and they reach out. So posting once a week, probably won't get you very far. We have a product that everyone needs!! Share share share! 

don't forget the fortune is in the follow up

There are different ways to “follow up” rather than just being in someone’s inbox. I personally do not recommend hitting people up in their messenger over and over to remind them to order. Imagine if you showed interest in something and the person who was repping the product kept messaging you about ordering it..most likely it would make you not want to buy it anymore or ever open their messages again. If you do want to message someone to remind them... keep it cool! "Hey sorry I haven’t gotten back to you! How are you doing?! Let me know if you wanna grab that coffee if not no worries. Just wanted to say heyyy!” A long winded message that’s over worded is likely to make someone run the other way. 

Another way to "follow up" indirectly is to put their name on a list. Go to their profile every couple days and give them some post love, because that in itself should be enough of a reminder for them to get with you. One other thing to do as an indirect reminder is to tag them in videos that relate to their life! For example, pretend "Brittany" was interested in coffee. If you know she loves her chickens, find a little video or article that’s funny and lighthearted about chickens and tag her in it! How easy was that?! They know you care about them because they are on your mind. They will think, “Wow, she is so, I still need to order that coffee”... BAM you didn’t even have to bother her in messenger!!!

In order to have success this way, you MUST post authentic LIFESTYLE (not just business) posts also and rely heavily on attraction marketing. We preach lifestyle posting here, because people will be intrigued by the awesome — catchy — authentic content you are posting every day, and when they feel like they "know" you they are more likely to reach out and purchase from you! I don’t know about y’all but I’d much rather post on my profile and make fun reels just being ME than be in messenger worrying about what to say to people... wouldn’t you? DRAW PEOPLE INTO YOU via attraction marketing!