Mexico Business Relationships – How to Do Business in Mexico

What you Should Know When Working with Hispanic Clients


  1. Mexico is a country built in connections and family. Because of that, referrals are common and relationships are incredibly important. During the first meeting, be sure to mention the mutual connection as a conversation icebreaker.
  2. Men will shake hands when doing business and in social situations. Women may pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder. Men may want to wait for a woman to initiate a handshake. After a relationship has been established do not be surprised if you are met with a hug.
  3. A typical Mexican business day will start at 9 am and end at 7 pm with very long lunches usually between 2 – 4 pm.  Dinner often occurs at 9 pm.
  4. Accept social invitations as often as possible. Be flexible on the weekends, which are peak times for building relationships and closing deals. 
  5. Avoid long periods of eye contact, which can be perceived as insolence, intimacy, or adoration depending on the two parties involved.
  6. Arrive on time, and be prepared to wait for the client.  Time is a flexible commodity and start and end times should be viewed as estimates.
  7. In Mexico, a person’s name includes both the father and the mother’s last name. It is incorrect to call someone by their mother’s last name, so always use the second to the last name when greeting the client.
  8. Title are very important in executive circles. Wait for your client to move to a first name basis before you do.
  9. A phone message or even an email to a client in Mexico may not always get a return back. It is generally expected that you will call them back in a proactive manner.
  10. Though a person is responsible for his or her actions, the prevailing consideration will most likely be the best interest of the group or family.


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