Cabo Pulmo – A Day Trip to Remember


the history:

By the 1990s, decades of destructive overfishing in the waters of the Sea of Cortez left the coral reef at Cabo Pulmo severely impacted. In order to restore and recover the vitality and biological diversity of the reef’s ecosystem, the local community on the east cape of the Baja Peninsula convinced the Mexican federal government to establish a protected area at Cabo Pulmo. The result was a 17,560-acre swath of marine and coastal habitat successfully established as a Marine Protected Area, 99  percent of which is based in the ocean.

Today, Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is one of the most fruitful examples of marine conservation in Mexico. Fishing was banned inside the park, and local residents, in concert with the Mexican government, helped bring the reef back from certain demise. Today, Cabo Pulmo’s reef is called an “Ocean Miracle,” and it is a great success story for Mexican conservationists. Researchers recently reported that the biomass of fish in the “no-take” area has increased by an unprecedented 463 percent in just ten years, offering hope that Mexico’s amazing coastal ecosystems can be recovered.

The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is located about 40 miles north of San Jose del Cabo on the eastern cape of Baja, “the interactive peninsula.” The abundant coral growth on the rocky reefs provides shelter and food for countless colorful reef fishes, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. The marine boundaries are Bahia Las Barracas to the north and Bahia Los Frailes to the south, . This nutrient-rich water results in a profusion of plankton that forms the base of a vast food web of invertebrates, fishes, birds and mammals making the Sea of Cortez one of the most productive waters in the world.


Wether your snorkel or dive, it will be a excursion worthy of the pictures that are posted by National Geographic.  It is best to make reservations, just to ensure your party has the gear and boat available. There are usually 4 – 6 people per boat, so we had our own private excursion. Check out Cabo Pulmo Sport Center or the Cabo Pulmo Dive Shop or with your concierge for reservations.

where to eat:

El Caballero Restaurant is owned and operated by Clothilde Castro,.. El Cabellero serves three mealsa day in anice building with custom-made furniture and an American-style kitchen, added-on to the family hacienda. El Caballero specializes in regional Mexican food, with fresh ocean entrees, and have quick service and mid-range prices.

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how to get there:

From Los Cabos Airport (SJD) travel North on Highway 1 past Caduano, Mira Flores, and Santiago turnoffs. Once you approach a small village called Las Cuevas you will find a right turn to La Ribera / Cabo Pulmo (if you cross a long bridge you went too far). Follow the road to La Ribera and turn right just prior to entering La Ribera. You will see the Cabo Pulmo turnoff. Follow the Cabo Pulmo road south until the pavement ends. Continue another 6 miles on the dirt road until you reach the village of Cabo Pulmo. You will know you are in Cabo Pulmo when you see Tito’s restaurant, El Caballero restaurant, and the Cabo Pulmo Dive Center which is a two-story blue building.

worth driving a bit more: 

From the diver center, take a left and follow the dirt road another 4 kilometers or so and you will encounter the most pristine and private beach getaway.  Take the time to make it a FULL day!

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