The Circus Comes to Town! The Circus Comes to Town…in Cabo San Lucas!


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The big top went up a few days ago as the circus rolled into Cabo San Lucas. The bright colored tents and flashing lights at night have attracted the attention of many locals and even a few visitors.


Truly worth it to see how this family of circus performers from Beijing can pull off such an event without the production and hype of a Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.  With a family of 12 young Chinese acrobats, that range in age 9 to 20 years old, impress even the hard core “cross fit” fanatics with their core strength and amazing balance. We truly appreciated less use of animals and more acrobatics and gravity defying feats!


Even though all in Spanish, the circus proved to be a fun “cultural” event for the family. It was a great experience to listen and watch the expression and emotion of the Master of Ceremonies, aka    Fernando the Clown to gain the meaning of the story he was telling in the show.


Try to catch this “old fashioned” circus, before it rolls out of town onto the next stop in Mexico.

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