Now is the Time! Starting a blog…

Starting a blog.  It has been on thinking about list for at least a year…and on the to do list at least six months!  Now is the time!

Why the hesitation?  I think because of the preconceived notion I had from watching a movie at Sundancea few years back.  There was this mom, completely stressed out, sitting at the computer every morning in her unstylish bathrobe, hair a mess and with her coffee blogging. It was almost a therapeutic ritual. I refused to be cast into that stereo type! :)

robe mom

It was last fall after attending a BOLD technology course with Keller Williams Real Estate that my opinion of bloggers and the act of blogging itself changed.

FACT:  People grow into the conversations you have around them. Blogs were the original social networking.

TIP: Limit your blogs to 300-500 words.

TIP: Spelling and Grammar count

TIP: You can blog about anything!!  Kids, recreation, teams, play, work, DIY, college, entertainment, dining out, activities, vacation, or whatever your passion may be!

TIP: Write your headline with “key words” in mind – think of the purpose.

TIP: You don’t have to spend money on templates – basic is fine.

TIP: Do use 3-4 hyper links per blog, Don’t use “click here”

A big thanks to Michael Hyatt, my daughter, and the team at BOLD technology for the motivation to get started!  And it was this blog post, that made the word press blog creation super simple. Looking forward to having conversations about Park City, real estate, kids, teens, college, the mountains, the beaches, and everything in between!

Sometimes I am hard to catch.  If you try me at the following places, you will have a much better chance of finding me:

Kristen Johnson

Friends, followers, and connections are a way of the future. Feel free to share!