Jack Nicklaus – the architect behind Quivira, Cabo’s latest golf course opening

As a player, course designer and good-will ambassador, no single person has changed the face of the sport more than Jack Nicklaus, and no name is more synonymous with greatness in the sport of golf than his.


Jack, 74, has been named “Golfer of the Century” or “Golfer of the Millennium” by almost every major golf publication in the world. He was also named Individual Male Athlete of the Century by Sports Illustrated and one of the 10 Greatest Athletes of the Century by ESPN.

In November 2005, the Golden Bear was honored by President Bush at the White House with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given to any civilian. The honor punctuated a year in which Jack played his final British Open, perhaps his final Masters Tournament and led the United States to a thrilling victory in The Presidents Cup.

Jack’s competitive career has spanned five decades, and his legend has been built with 120 professional tournament victories worldwide and a record 18 professional major-championship titles. He is the only player in history to have won each of the game’s majors at least three times (six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens, three British Opens), and is the only player to have completed the career “Grand Slam” on both the regular and senior tours.

Jack is a five-time winner of the PGA Player of the Year Award, has been the PGA Tour’s leading money-winner eight times and runner-up six times. He has played on six Ryder Cup teams, captained two other Ryder Cup teams and served as U.S. captain for four Presidents Cup teams.

The legacy Jack has left as a player can be rivaled only by the legacy he is leaving as a golf-course designer.

Jack was named GolfWorld’s Architect of the Year in 1993, and in 1999, Golf Digest named him the world’s leading active designer. In February 2005, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America recognized Jack with its highest honor, The Old Tom Morris Award. In 2001, he received both the Donald Ross Award (American Society of Golf Course Architects) and the Donald Rossi Award (Golf Course Builders Association of America), and was honored with the International Network of Golf’s Achievement in Golf Course Design Award for 2000-2001.

To date, Nicklaus has been involved in the design of 290 courses open for play worldwide, and his thriving business, Nicklaus Design, has 380 courses open for play around the world. Nicklaus Design courses are represented in 36 countries, 39 states, and at least 110 have hosted a combined total of close to 750 professional tournaments or significant national amateur championships. The firm currently has projects under construction or under development in 22 different countries. Quivira Golf Club will be Nicklaus Design’s sixth course in Los Cabos and his 23rd overall in Mexico.

Since 1962, Jack has added the moniker of “businessman” to his lengthy résumé. He is chairman of the privately held Nicklaus Companies. In October 2008, Golf Inc. magazine ranked Jack “The Most Powerful Person in Golf” for the fifth consecutive year, due to his impact on various aspects of the industry through his course design work, marketing and licensing business, and his involvement on a national level with various charitable causes. He was also named “Golf Development Newsmaker of the Year” for 2005 by Golf Inc., and the Robb Report once named Jack the “Leading Power Player” in the golf market.

In January 2008, Jack was recognized for his global impact through design as well as his philanthropic efforts at home when he was presented with The Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship. Bestowed by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the award recognizes executives who exemplify a commitment to the common good—beyond the bottom line—and who demonstrate that private firms should be stellar citizens in their own neighborhoods, as well as in the world.

Jack and his wife Barbara have a long history of involvement in numerous charitable activities, from junior golf to children’s hospitals to several scholarship foundations. Because of their contributions to golf and to community, Barbara and Jack have been honored many times, including the 2007 Francis Ouimet Lifelong Contributions to Golf Award.

Residing in North Palm Beach, Fla., Jack and Barbara Nicklaus are parents to five children and grandparents to 23.

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It has been said that Quivira -Nicklaus’s 26th design in the Caribbean and Mexico-, may prove to be Jack Nicklaus’ most memorable design. Quivira, will feature more seaside holes than any other course in Los Cabos, in a spectacular setting at the tip of the Baja Peninsula marked by sheer granite cliffs, huge windswept dunes and rolling desert foothills.


For information on golf villas and condominiums available at Quivira — be sure to contact me for a personal tour in the Hummer of the dunes, the historic lighthouse, and properties available for sale.

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KW Cares donates to Hurricane Odile relief efforts in Los Cabos, Mexico

November 15, 2014 the Los Cabos area of B.C.S, México was hit by the perfect storm.

Residents and tourists were preparing for a storm, not a natural disaster. Odile was a level three hurricane by wind speeds – a level five by pressure, 3 cyclones within the storm, and a 4.5 earthquake all which left complete devastation behind including hundreds of families without homes in Cabo San Lucas.

KW Cares Board of Directors, in consultation with KW Mexico leaders, voted to donate $100,000 to two organizations assisting with the recovery from Hurricane Odile.

KW Cares is donating $50,000 to the Mexican Red Cross. More than 100 paramedics are providing basic medical care and delivering food.


KW Cares is donating an additional $50,000 to Operation Blessing International, an organization they have worked with previously. Operation Blessing is helping Hurricane Odile victims in Mexico by distributing clean water and other supplies, repairing damaged homes and setting up kitchens that will be able to feed an average of 600 families per day.

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I am proud to be part of a team that CARES and GIVES BACK!  To find out how you can contribute… click here

At Keller Williams Realty, we know that who you are in business with matters. And we strive to be in business with the best.  For more information on global expansion and growth share opportunities with Keller Williams, please contact me.

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Mexico Business Relationships – How to Do Business in Mexico

What you Should Know When Working with Hispanic Clients


  1. Mexico is a country built in connections and family. Because of that, referrals are common and relationships are incredibly important. During the first meeting, be sure to mention the mutual connection as a conversation icebreaker.
  2. Men will shake hands when doing business and in social situations. Women may pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder. Men may want to wait for a woman to initiate a handshake. After a relationship has been established do not be surprised if you are met with a hug.
  3. A typical Mexican business day will start at 9 am and end at 7 pm with very long lunches usually between 2 – 4 pm.  Dinner often occurs at 9 pm.
  4. Accept social invitations as often as possible. Be flexible on the weekends, which are peak times for building relationships and closing deals. 
  5. Avoid long periods of eye contact, which can be perceived as insolence, intimacy, or adoration depending on the two parties involved.
  6. Arrive on time, and be prepared to wait for the client.  Time is a flexible commodity and start and end times should be viewed as estimates.
  7. In Mexico, a person’s name includes both the father and the mother’s last name. It is incorrect to call someone by their mother’s last name, so always use the second to the last name when greeting the client.
  8. Title are very important in executive circles. Wait for your client to move to a first name basis before you do.
  9. A phone message or even an email to a client in Mexico may not always get a return back. It is generally expected that you will call them back in a proactive manner.
  10. Though a person is responsible for his or her actions, the prevailing consideration will most likely be the best interest of the group or family.


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How to Dial Toll Free Numbers from Mexico

Dialing toll-free numbers from Mexico typically involves entering a different code for each three-digit prefix, such as 800, 877 or 888. Depending on how you call, such as from a personal cell phone, pay phone or a hotel lobby, you may be charged for placing an international call even though you are dialing a toll-free number. This varies depending on where you travel in Mexico. For international dialing, such as to place a call in the United States to report a lost or stolen credit card, you must enter the 001 prefix before the main number.


Step 1)   Dial 001, which is the international dial code to call the United States, when you have a dial tone.
Step 2)  Dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800.
Dial 881 for an 888 number.
Dial 882 for an 877 number.
Dial 883 for all 866 numbers.
These codes only apply to calls from Mexico.
Step 3) Dial the main seven-digit telephone number normally

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Our Family Guiding Principles

As 2014 keeps rolling forward, its great to revisit our family’s guiding principles.  We started this a year ago or so with each family member writing down on a large sheet of butcher paper their values. They had freedom to write anything! From that… the list below developed.

A few weeks back, we had the opportunity as a family to sit down and re-visit our principles and then review and rewrite all four of the children’s goals with them.

What is your family’s most deeply held values and beliefs?  What are the major philosophical truths that we want our family to live by? How would be define our lifestyle? What is our family’s truest purpose? What are the values that give purpose to our family?These are some of the thought provoking questions you can ask while working to develop your family vision, mission statement(s) and your guiding principles.

This is our working document:

Our Vision: Live Simply in order to Give Generously.

Our mission is to create a nurturing place of faith, order, truth, love, happiness and relaxation.


Family Guiding Principles:


  • Build Relationships – Make Friends
  • People and Relationships matter; things don’t
  • Use your gifts to bless others: Give back. Be generous. Volunteer.
  • Hang around people that motivate you.
  • Decide to make a difference & success will find you.
  • Cheer others on. Pay compliments daily.
  • Respect the opinions of others.


  • Pray and Meditate Daily – Be Still
  • Give thanks to God; Be grateful.
  • Be Christ Centered – Love God – Know Jesus
  • Trust in God – Allow Him to direct your paths.
  • Confess your sins.  Apologize quickly. Forgive always. Let go of past…
  • Spend time in the Word – Read the Bible
  • Believe everything happens for a reason & expect good things to come from challenging times.
  • Be Mindful & Present in the Moment.


  • Smile and Laugh more.
  • Sit up Straight.
  • Get good sleep. Eat breakfast like a king.
  • Be disciplined in exercise 3-5 times per week


  • Be responsible for our own actions and attitudes.  No blaming. Fault is irrelevant.
  • Speak the truth ALWAYS. Be honest. Keep promises.
  • Be compassionate. Love everyone. Be Lovable – Love Yourself.
  • Use best manners – say “Please” and “Thank You”
  • Work hard … go above and beyond doing it right the first time.
  • Let integrity, humanity, and courage lead your life and work.
  • Don’t attack, judge, or criticize. No name calling.
  • No boasting or bragging. No whining or complaining.
  • Do everything readily & cheerfully – no bickering & no second guessing
  • Don’t yell – speak in kind tones.
  • Listen more. React less.
  • Self Control, not Other Control
  • Keep a cool head; be slow to anger
  • Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Never say “never” or “can’t”
  • Live Responsibly – Follow the Rules
  • Read more books.  Never stop learning.
  • Life is a gift…focus on what you GET to do, not what you HAVE to do
  • Enjoy Life.  Choose Joy.


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Troy, 2004 | Filmed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at Playa El Faro Viejo

”Troy,” initially budgeted at $150 million, boasts 1,250 extras, a re-created ancient city, several epic battles, and months of location shoots in London, Malta, and Mexico. The stakes, like the film, were massive.


“Troy” produced by Warner Bros. starring Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, and Peter O’Toole was one of the most expensive epic films ever made.  The production was highly publicized for the problems experienced with extreme heat conditions and even a hurricane destroying the sets.  In order to complete the movie, the great “Wall of Troy” had to be rebuilt while the overall shoot in Cabo San Lucas extended to nearly an eight month period.

Directed by Wolfgang Petersen retells the tale of Paris, a prince of Troy, who steals Helen, queen of Sparta, from her husband, prompting an army of Greeks to lay siege to Troy.

The larger beach scenes and the great wall and gates of ‘Troy’ were filmed in Mexico. The Greek seafront encampment was filmed at Playa El Faro Viejo (Old Lighthouse Beach), a couple of miles north/west of Cabo San Lucas itself. The beach is no longer accessible by the public as it is being developed by Quivira Los Cabos – a Pueblo Bonito development with ocean and golf view luxury homes and villas.


The fight scene at the beginning, where Achiles kills the giant warrior, is a dry creek bed called arroyo salto seco, between the bullring and Walmart.

In Cabo San Lucas, the extras were mostly Mediterranean-looking Mexicans and Bulgarian athletes recruited from the Sports Academy in Sofia, who all fought magnificently. The Bulgarians went on strike at one point to protest their paltry wages, which were later upped from 12 US dollars a day to 32 dollars a day.

After most of the filming was completed, the outer walls of ‘Troy’ were substantially damaged by Hurricane Marty. With the climactic fight between Achilles and Hector still to shoot, the entire ‘gates of Troy’ set had to be rebuilt.



For tours out to the old lighthouse and the dunes, contact me below and I will reserve the Hummer for you and your guests!

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Now is the Time! Starting a blog…

Starting a blog.  It has been on thinking about list for at least a year…and on the to do list at least six months!  Now is the time!

Why the hesitation?  I think because of the preconceived notion I had from watching a movie at Sundancea few years back.  There was this mom, completely stressed out, sitting at the computer every morning in her unstylish bathrobe, hair a mess and with her coffee blogging. It was almost a therapeutic ritual. I refused to be cast into that stereo type! :)

robe mom

It was last fall after attending a BOLD technology course with Keller Williams Real Estate that my opinion of bloggers and the act of blogging itself changed.

FACT:  People grow into the conversations you have around them. Blogs were the original social networking.

TIP: Limit your blogs to 300-500 words.

TIP: Spelling and Grammar count

TIP: You can blog about anything!!  Kids, recreation, teams, play, work, DIY, college, entertainment, dining out, activities, vacation, or whatever your passion may be!

TIP: Write your headline with “key words” in mind – think of the purpose.

TIP: You don’t have to spend money on templates – basic is fine.

TIP: Do use 3-4 hyper links per blog, Don’t use “click here”

A big thanks to Michael Hyatt, my daughter, and the team at BOLD technology for the motivation to get started!  And it was this blog post, that made the word press blog creation super simple. Looking forward to having conversations about Park City, real estate, kids, teens, college, the mountains, the beaches, and everything in between!

Sometimes I am hard to catch.  If you try me at the following places, you will have a much better chance of finding me:


Kristen Johnson

Friends, followers, and connections are a way of the future. Feel free to share!